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Mobile Testing Services

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We offer a wide range of mobile testing services. We come to you to make your life easier and make access to lab services more convenient! 

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Clarity Rapid Antigen test and PCR test available 

Manufacturer: Clarity Diagnostics

Flu Test

Quickview influenza A/B test

Manufacturer: Qidel Corporation

Strep Test

Streptococcus, Group A. ProAdvantage by NCD Strep A Test

Manufacturer: Acon Laboratories

RSV Test

Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Quidel Sophia 2

Manufacturer: Quidel Corporation 

Opiates, Cocaine, THC, mAmp, Benzo Test

Alere iCup Dx Pro Urine Drug Screening Device

Manufacturer: Amedica Bio Tech Inc

Amp, Oxy, Buprenorphine Test

Alere iCup DX Pro Urine Drug Screening device

Manufacturer: Amedica Bio Tech Inc

Mono Test

Mononucleosis, Clarity Mono Test

Manufacturer: Acon Labratories

Pregnancy Test

Clarity hCG pregnancy test

Manufacturer: Clarity Diagnostics 

Adenovirus Test

Quickvue Adenoviral Conjunctivitis Test

Manufacturer: Quidel Corporation

Glucose Test

CVS Health Advance Bluetooth Glucose Monitor 

Manufacturer: Agamatrix Inc

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